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From the Valley of the Deer, by Jillian MacDonald, viewable May 16- June 20


An artwork for mobile devices supported by LAYAR, including iPads, iPhones, and Android.


1. Download the free LAYAR app and open it.

2. Tap the menu (tiny stack of horizonal lines at the top left of your screen) to exit the default print scanning mode.

3. Choose Geo Layers.

4. Choose Search Layers. Type “Valley”.

5. Select the Valley of the Deer Layer.

6. If you are in a LOCATION where From the Valley of the Deer is available (such as Bushwick), Layar will find up to 14 Points of Interest. These are images which will appear on your screen, overlaid on whatever the camera sees.

7. Wait for an image to load, turn yourself around to see if there are others, and walk towards one of the images – it will get larger as you approach.

8. Each image can launch a short video, sound, and this website.


Map of your LOCATION provides precise locations of all Points of Interest.

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