Input Fields Forever

Dec 13 – Jan 24th


Opening Sunday Dec 13th, 7-10 pm



Input Fields Forever, a solo exhibition of new works by Ursula
Endlicher, comprises an HTML-based video performance, HTML-
based drawings, and a dinner table / video installation. The three
works in this exhibit are putting Internet structures such as the Web’s
grammar to new utilization while transforming it into (physical)

Input Fields that ask for personal data build the entry point to
basically any actitivity and interaction on the Internet. These “fields”,
one is required to fill out, collect and submit user data to servers to be
stored there forever. In the works shown in this exhibit Input Fields are
“freed” from this original function and transcend their usual format.
They are not taking but giving back to their users, serving the
audience with visual poetry and actual food.

A dinner table is set with HTML <Input> Tags turned ceramic plates
that serve finger-food and movies in “Input Field (Password) Plates –
Dinner and Movies.” (2015).

“Input Fields Forever” (2014/15) – the artwork that gives this exhibit
its name – is a series of HTML-based “drawings” that reflect on Input
Fields as Web-based executors of control and personal data
collection, while nullifying this function by transforming them into
visual containers for ever changing poetry.

The third work on view, “Garbage GPS” (2014), juxtaposes
physicality and mobile apps, and is part video-performance part
digital sculpture that portrays a fictitious humanoid software
application (played by the artist) in constant search for trashed,
misplaced or forgotten objects. Written in HTML it performs in a Web

For the preparation of the dishes in “Input Field (Password) Plates – Dinner and Movies”,
several food creators are invited to collaborate on their preparation. Johanna Kindvall, Steven Miyao
and others will join in at different times. The ceramic plates were produced at Byrdcliffe
Ceramic Studio in Woodstock, NY in collaboration with Rich Conti. iPhone and Android
set-up by Lee Day.

“Input Fields Forever” exists in two versions. One, as framed “drawings”, as shown in the
exhibit, and two, as Web-based “vingettes” with the option for user input.



Since the mid 1990s the Internet has impacted Endlicher’s practice:
She builds frameworks for Internet Art works and performances, but
lets real-time data be the lead for their choreographies. She extracts
rule sets from the Web and repurposes them for installations. Her
videos often feature characters depicting anthropomorphized code.
Endlicher’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Whitney
Museum of American Art in New York and the ursula blickle
videoarchiv at the Belvedere in Vienna, and has been exhibited and
performed in venues such as transmediale, SIGGRAPH, ISEA, and
ZERO1 Biennial, as well as the WUK in Vienna, the
xMPL/Contemporary Art Center in Irvine, the Theater am Neumarkt in
Zürich, the Center for Performance Research in New York, and at Her work has been included in group shows at the
CCA in Warsaw, BM-Suma Contemporary At Center in Istanbul,
Postmasters Gallery in NY, Light Industry in NY, and at

Born and raised in Vienna she lives in New York since 1993.